Rusty Barbarian Chess Tournament

this page will be updated with venue and entrants as info becomes available
An open one day tournament organized for current and ex Hobart club players to get together to catch up and play some casual chess.

When: Jan 3, 2014
Where: In Hobart, location to be fixed.
Format: 15 minutes per player per game
Draw: Depends on number of entrants, probably 7 round Swiss.
Cost: $10 entry
To enter: email david at fromoz dot com or call Dave Rolph at 0423-189-274

The Omnivore's Dilemma

This is a wide ranging book about what we eat and where it comes from. It made me really think about food. If you're into food you'll probably like it. Its one of the best books I've ever read.

Globalization - George Soros

I should have read the summary of this book a bit more carefully. I was expecting to buy a book, written by a successful financier, about where the global economy is going. The plan was to get rich by moving our assets to where the future is. What I got was a book by philanthropist on how the global economy could be improved to the benefit of the disadvantaged on this planet. On second thoughts I'm glad I didn't carefully read the summary, because I wouldn't have bought the book if I had.

Passing my driving test

Well for the past 9 months I have been riding my bicycle to work, traveling less on weekends and driving illegally in Japan. The reason for this is after 1 year in Japan you must get a Japanese license. A mix of repeatedly failing the test, giving up and starting to try again and other excuses means that until now I have failed to get my Japanese license. I suppose I have always been one police pull over away from deportation.

Drinking Coffee

We have never been big coffee drinkers. But lately we have been casual coffee shop visitors and then on a trip to Austria I got to really like espresso.


Over 30 years ago Bali was my first Asian trip. Some of my earliest exotic travel memories are from there. 20 years ago I went again for a much more off the beaten track trip around Bali. Another great trip. So I was pretty excited to be going back again. It was a short trip to the main tourist area in Bali. We found it much more developed, a little busy, but still possessing all the charm that I loved on those previous trips.

Living in Taiwan

In 1990 I was ready to travel the world. Well, nearly ready, but I didn't have any money. So my girlfriend and I ate beans for a month, saved our money and bought one way tickets to Taiwan. We had heard that it was quite easy to get a job there teaching English and the pay was decent. Our plan was to backpack Asia with the money we made there.

Neuromancer - William Gibson

Neuromancer is supposed to be a science fiction classic. It won all the awards and coined the term cyberspace long before it came into common usage.

For me it was a good, but not great read. Its a page turner and the action keeps up pretty much the whole way.

Understanding Exposure - Bryan Peterson

If you want to go beyond point and shoot photography and automatic mode on your camera then this is a great book. Its the book I've wanted to read ever since we got our SLR. I thought I had a pretty good grip on how exposure worked but I learned quite a bit about the basics in this book.

IHE Connectathon

You know how well networked computers work pretty well most of the time. But then sometimes you can't open an attachment you get from your friend or the formatting of the text is wrong or you can't open a site everybody else can open. Well unfortunately, the same thing happens in Healthcare IT. Except its your urgent heartscan or a list of your allergies that can't be handled.

Sakakibara-san and me working on our ultrasound machine

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