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Over 30 years ago Bali was my first Asian trip. Some of my earliest exotic travel memories are from there. 20 years ago I went again for a much more off the beaten track trip around Bali. Another great trip. So I was pretty excited to be going back again. It was a short trip to the main tourist area in Bali. We found it much more developed, a little busy, but still possessing all the charm that I loved on those previous trips.

Living in Taiwan

In 1990 I was ready to travel the world. Well, nearly ready, but I didn't have any money. So my girlfriend and I ate beans for a month, saved our money and bought one way tickets to Taiwan. We had heard that it was quite easy to get a job there teaching English and the pay was decent. Our plan was to backpack Asia with the money we made there.

Neuromancer - William Gibson

Neuromancer is supposed to be a science fiction classic. It won all the awards and coined the term cyberspace long before it came into common usage.

For me it was a good, but not great read. Its a page turner and the action keeps up pretty much the whole way.

Understanding Exposure - Bryan Peterson

If you want to go beyond point and shoot photography and automatic mode on your camera then this is a great book. Its the book I've wanted to read ever since we got our SLR. I thought I had a pretty good grip on how exposure worked but I learned quite a bit about the basics in this book.

Linux Desktop

Software installed on my PC
Started 2008-02-11 so will be incomplete.

2008-02-17 ImageMagick
Installed and added with apt-get install imagemagick
Installed it because component mogrify is required by jhead in order to create exif thumbnails in a jpeg image.

2008-02-11 Kopete
Installed and added:
MSN: davidfromoz at geemail dot com
Yahoo: davidfromtassie

2008-03-2 NFS
Test mounting of tiny's drives using nfs
install client: sudo apt-get install nfs-common

Software Installed on Tiny

Tiny is running Ubuntu 7.1 (I think)
Started 2008-02-10 so there is lots missing from the list.

2008-02-08 Truecrypt 5.0
Upgraded from 4.3 which had stopped working. Had the data backed up previously so just went ahead and installed.
Downloaded software from Truecrypt
Upgraded cleanly with sudo dpkg -i xxxxx.deb
Had to modify the mount script to:
sudo truecrsudo truecrypt /dev/sda4 /media/hard_drive/documents/protected --filesystem=vfat
previously it didnt have an "=".
Truecrypt 5.0 has a GUI even under Linux.

IHE Connectathon

You know how well networked computers work pretty well most of the time. But then sometimes you can't open an attachment you get from your friend or the formatting of the text is wrong or you can't open a site everybody else can open. Well unfortunately, the same thing happens in Healthcare IT. Except its your urgent heartscan or a list of your allergies that can't be handled.

Sakakibara-san and me working on our ultrasound machine

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

This book is all about thinking in the current moment. Its main point is that if you spend your time thinking about the past and future instead of right now you will be unhappy (in pain, the author says).

2007 in Review

All in all 2007 was a very good year! I like change and I'm always more active in a new environment. Japan was a very new environment for us. Here are some good things I did in 2007.

Actively explored Japan
Really explored Tochigi very well. Got into hot springs (onsens). Got into inns (ryokan).

Started Blogging
Its probably the wrong way around, but blogging motivates me to do things.

Caught up with old friends

Rugby - Toshiba vs. Sanyo

Last year Toshiba won the Japan corporate rugby competition. I signed Cassanda and myself up for the Toshiba sports supporters club so we could go and watch them play this time around.

We have been quite busy with onsens and exploring so until last weekend we still hadn't been to see a match. But since one was being played in nearby Utsunomiya we though we had better go and watch. Entry was free with our sports supporter membership cards. We got Toshiba shirts to wear and some flags.

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