A plan to change our website to a blog

Its a sad thing that I never continued with this look at blogging from all that time ago when I started this blog. This is an experiment, but if it works and I can make it look good, then I want to change our website to a blog.

The hand coded site that is our website now is just too hard for me to maintain. And as a result I rarely update it. Seems like blogging encourages people to update more often and thats the idea. In addition, people will be able to add comments. Also I just want to learn more about how the internet works.

Originally, I had planned to go to a full blown CMS like Joomla (wow, version 1.5 RC1 just out today). But I don't see the benefit really. A blog will make it nice and easy to add content and allow people to post responses to an article if they like without additional complexity.

So here it is. Let me know if you like it (or not).

(moved from our blogger.com blog)