The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

My all time favourite book is "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". I'm not quite sure when I bought it but I am thinking in 1994 or so. Something special happened today. I finished it! Thats one habit every 2 years.

This is not a book report, but basically, the first three habits are about self mastery. The are about becoming independent and capable of direction your actions appropriately. The idea is that before you become truly independent and capable of direction your own actions its not possible to move on to the next 3 habits of interdependence. I can't say I am fully in control, but I decided I was enough in control to have a read of the interdependence chapters. They ones are even better in my opinion. I wish I had read them earlier.

So am I interdependent, Highly Effective? No not really. But I still think that book is one of the most important adult influences on my character.

I've never been able to interest anybody else in this book beside my brother Charlie. But its a great book, you should read this book.

Not sure whats next. Tossing up between: Getting Things Done (another I have never finished), Soros on Globalization (sure to be good) and the Life of Ned Kelly (Cassandra says its good and it must be returned to its owner).