The True History of the Kelly Gang, Peter Carey

My most recent read was "The True History of the Kelly Gang". I borrowed it from an Aussie here in Japan.

OK, so I'm a bit of a moron and I was some way into the book before I realized this was truly a piece of fiction and not some amazing historical records that came to light and were published. But its very good writing, probably beyond that of your average bushranger, and eventually I figured it out.

Anyway, this should be required reading for all Australians. Better than Robbery Under Arms in my opinion. It was very hard not to feel very sorry for poor Ned Kelly and his family. And it painted a very vivid picture of the hardship of life in Australia at that time.

For my overseas friends who might not know who Ned Kelly is, this might not be a great read. But for your interest Ned Kelly was a bushranger (a bankrobber/highwayman). He is most famous for the bulletproof metal suit he made and wore for his famous last stand against the police. He was/is a national hero in Australia.