The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

This book is all about thinking in the current moment. Its main point is that if you spend your time thinking about the past and future instead of right now you will be unhappy (in pain, the author says).

It gets off to a great start. For me it expanded on the concept of being present and gave me some tools to use to concentrate on what was happening right now. There were some references to what I would consider slightly wacky concepts, like connecting with the consciousness of the universe and the like which I was able to ignore. However as the book goes on it feels more and more like a religious experience and I get more and more turned off. I wasn't able to finish it.

On reflection is was a good book for me. I hope it doesn't suddenly get good and deliver the goods at the end. But, I don't really recommend this book. I'm going to find a better book on this subject and recommend that. Stay tuned. My next big hope is "The Way of Zen". I'm hoping I can pick up a copy of a trip to Chicago at the end of the month.