My Huge Carbon Footprint

You can calculate your carbon footprint here: Carbon Footprint

We have been thinking we were doing OK in terms of environment this year. But not so!

My carbon footprint is very, very high due to lots of long plane trips(mostly for business). If I quit or stopped traveling the pollution would probably continue because somebody else would travel instead, unless I found a way to achieve more business aims without travel. So maybe that had better be a goal for me. Less travel for work without simple replacing the travel with that of somebody else.

I think its time to learn about carbon offset. I am kind of opposed to the idea without really knowing enough about it. Instinct tells me that no progress will be made unless people like me start polluting less. But maybe simply spending some cash really does decrease the world's carbon footprint.

We have been trying with regard to environment since in Japan.

The good:
Bought a nice small car with a small engine.
Decided to live close to the office.
Almost never run aircon.
Less and shorter recreational airtravel.
Low consumption.

The bad:
Bicycle is still broken and never been ridden to work.
Frequently drive home for lunch.
Substantial business air travel

Here is a cool link:
BBC Environment Game