This was a business trip right before a long weekend. Cassandra came along. The business trip was horrible. The customer decided to return our equipment after using it to bridge a gap in coverage at their site. I stuck around for a while to try to save the deal, but it was pretty obvious the customer had no intention of keeping the equipment. The sales contract was full of holes and was obviously made at a time when sales numbers today mattered more than anything. After some bitter feeling on my part about being basically cheated by the customer we realized we had 1 1/2 extra days on top of our long weekend. So we set off to explore the area around Anchorage.

A moose by the side of the road near Eagle Creek.

Salmon spawning ponds at Eagle Creek. Full of big red salmon that could not be photographed. We saw people pulling foot long salmon in on small rods from the beach during this trip.

View from the highway on the way to Portage.

Portage Glacier. We were recommended an unposted track to this glacier and had the whole walk to ourselves.

Portage Glacier again.

A natural pond on the way to Portage Glacier.

The view down to Prince William Sound. With a bit of Whittier in the foreground. This town is connected to the outside world by a single lane tunnel that at any one time is a train tunnel or alternately east or west bound car traffic. The pub is owned by a Taiwanese man who came to Whittier to get in on the expected boom to Whittier when the tunnel went in twenty two years ago. The boom never came, but he is still there. There is not much else in Whittier. We had the best ever fish (Halibut) and chips at the pub.

Further South now. The view of Seward from the harbour.

Bear Glacier from the tour boat.

Harbour seal from the boat. We didn't get a good photo of her pups, but they were right with her.

This boat tour, which we were nearly too stingy to take, was the highlight of the trip. We also saw sealions, a humpback whale, puffins, and an eagle family.

Approaching Holgate Glacier.

Holgate Glacier. This is the biggest glacier we saw. And we sailed right up to the side of it. We saw some big chunks fall into the water (not really big). This is one of about 50 glaciers we saw in three days in Alaska. The plan for the next trip is to Kayak around the Kenai National Park (where most of these shots were taken). That will take a few days but it would be awesome. Kenai National Park is the only National Park in USA without access roads.

Sea lions.

Part of the waterfront walk in downtown Anchorage.