AMC Reunion

Something amazing just happened!

I got an email from my old flatmate in college about an Australian Maritime College reunion. "Dude" and I were good friends in college and I haven't spoken to him since (or nearly anybody else from that time). About 10 of them are getting together for a tour of the college and then drinks and a dinner.

I'm quite upset I can't go. But maybe I'm even more excited to hear that lots of them are still in contact and doing things together. It will be a lot of fun to meet up with them again when we go back.

My efforts to make myself findable on the internet have taken "David Rolph" from unfindable to page 4 in google search. I still have lots of ideas for how to get a much better rating and must just get around to doing them. Dude found me by finding my more famous brother Michael :-( But not for long, at 41 I still have many years to eclipse him.

Anyway, I love it when things like that happen out of the blue. Would be even better if I could go.


G'day Rolphy, Well, I should

G'day Rolphy,
Well, I should be working, or doing something else 'useful' but I've never posted to a blog before so what the heck. This AMC renunion is stiring up a host of memories for me. I've just sat down and written my last 20 years of life down in an email and sent it to a whole host of folk I'd almost forgotten about. It's funny - externally I can see how it can look like I've done quite a bit in the last 20 years - internally it feels like one long train-crash at times. I've never been one to look back on my life, mostly because I didn't like what I saw. Now I'm gettng to that 'certain age' where thinking of things past feels reassuring on some level. I wish the AMC renunion was a year off - I could probably swing it then - even from the UK - but as things stand there's now way I can go. It's brilliant that it's put us all back in touch though.
Better stop blathering.
David Shipworth.

Yeah, its had me reflecting.

Yeah, its had me reflecting. I've had my ups and downs. But overall I am happy to look back on my time and I definitely review it with rose colored glasses.

I remember you and I once had a plan to meet up in x number of years at the post office in some East European city. I hope you didn't show up.

We could always plan another AMC reunion a year in advance. Do you get back to Australia very often?