Rugby - Toshiba vs. Sanyo

Last year Toshiba won the Japan corporate rugby competition. I signed Cassanda and myself up for the Toshiba sports supporters club so we could go and watch them play this time around.

We have been quite busy with onsens and exploring so until last weekend we still hadn't been to see a match. But since one was being played in nearby Utsunomiya we though we had better go and watch. Entry was free with our sports supporter membership cards. We got Toshiba shirts to wear and some flags.

The match was against Sanyo. I was fully expecting us to thrash them. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The match was of a much, much higher quality than I was expecting. And Sanyo was very good. They had one very good player. I read later on the internet that he was a former All Black (and that Sanyo is the league leader). He was a very good kicker keeping the whole match played with Toshiba in defense. The final score: 41-0.

I must say that dented my enthusiasm for Rugby in Japan a bit. But I think we had better go and watch another match some time. The rest are in Tokyo so we'll have to have a weekend away some time.