2007 in Review

All in all 2007 was a very good year! I like change and I'm always more active in a new environment. Japan was a very new environment for us. Here are some good things I did in 2007.

Actively explored Japan
Really explored Tochigi very well. Got into hot springs (onsens). Got into inns (ryokan).

Started Blogging
Its probably the wrong way around, but blogging motivates me to do things.

Caught up with old friends
I re-established communication with some old friends. Partly through luck, partly through a successful effort to make us findable on google but mostly through just deciding to do it.

Learned about being present
The whole Zen thing has me rather interested. And my favorite part is being present. That means rather than thinking about the past or the future focus your attention on what is happening right now. Its not easy to do consistently, but you get better with practice and its very worthwhile. I'm guessing it takes a lifetime to get good at it.

Became much better organized digitally
Switched to webmail, started using my domain more, became findable on google, built tiny and put our photos, music, movies and documents there, synchronized online bookmarks, blogged, put some of our photos on line and much more. Still have a long way to go, but it was a great step forward!

Got more into photography
Bought a nice camera. Started paying a lot more attention to the photos we took.

Built Tiny
Made a little file server for our home use. We store all our information there.

Paper Wallet
Started making and carrying a paper wallet. Its thin and environmentally friendly.

Started carrying pen, notepad and USB with me at all times.
Great for remembering things people tell me or random ideas I have. Great for communicating with Japanese when our language skills dont measure up.

Things I failed to do in 2007

Exercise regularly
This wasn't a complete failure. At one points I was approaching marathon participation fitness. We did a lot of walking in the summer and autumn months. But I was fit for less than half the year.

Learn Japanese
In all honesty, I probably just don't care enough. I'd rather improve my Chinese. I never have social conversations with anybody at the factory where I work (I do when I go to the office in Tokyo). But we do regularly meet some very nice people in Japan and at that time I feel bad that I haven't taken the time to prepare to communicate with them.

Do something good
I had planned to do something good this year. OK, we reduced our environmental footprint quite a bit, but I don't feel like the world was a much better place this year because of things I did.

Things for 2008

Be a better family member and friend
Do something good
Get good at photography
Greatly improve services at my domain and use them
Make my online data and tools more portable and more secure
Be fit