2007 in Review

All in all 2007 was a very good year! I like change and I'm always more active in a new environment. Japan was a very new environment for us. Here are some good things I did in 2007.

Actively explored Japan
Really explored Tochigi very well. Got into hot springs (onsens). Got into inns (ryokan).

Started Blogging
Its probably the wrong way around, but blogging motivates me to do things.

Caught up with old friends

Rugby - Toshiba vs. Sanyo

Last year Toshiba won the Japan corporate rugby competition. I signed Cassanda and myself up for the Toshiba sports supporters club so we could go and watch them play this time around.

We have been quite busy with onsens and exploring so until last weekend we still hadn't been to see a match. But since one was being played in nearby Utsunomiya we though we had better go and watch. Entry was free with our sports supporter membership cards. We got Toshiba shirts to wear and some flags.

The True History of the Kelly Gang, Peter Carey

My most recent read was "The True History of the Kelly Gang". I borrowed it from an Aussie here in Japan.

OK, so I'm a bit of a moron and I was some way into the book before I realized this was truly a piece of fiction and not some amazing historical records that came to light and were published. But its very good writing, probably beyond that of your average bushranger, and eventually I figured it out.

Thinking Photography

2007_10_28_cameraBy far the most interesting thing so far about getting a new camera has been the fact that we are always looking at things with photography in mind. We are noticing things about the sun, our local environment and the composition of things around us that we never observed before.

Our first CMS

I just installed Drupal at fromoz.com. Drupal is a content manager. You're looking at its output right now. If it works out for us we'll be able to manage our site very well using this package. It will allow us to easily create content for the site and manage and display news and blog style entries. Over time we might expand it a bit to allow it to allow forums and maybe support entries from other people too. But first there is a lot to learn.

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