Camera Plans

In 2002 we bought a digital camera before our trip to Alaska. It is without doubt one of the best purchases we have ever made. First off its free to take pictures, so we take a lot more. As a result we get more good photos. We view them more often. They are much easier to put on our website. We can view them on the day we take them. And the quality is great.

Its never focussed quite the same since an incredibly stupid event when I forced Dad to throw it to me while I stood on top of a train in Ecuador! I still clearly remember the disapproving looks from all the practical German backpackers sitting on top of the train with us when I failed to catch it. And the battery is getting a bit tired these days. Never the less, I still love our Canon S40.

Now that we are in Japan and taking a lot more photos and blogging a lot we have decided its time to upgrade to a nice SLR. We are still arguing a lot about which one to get. And its going to be expensive, but our S40 was such a great purchase that if this works out even half as well it will be worth it.

Cassandra's pick
Well, she can't make up her mind. She's got the field well covered. Its either the Canon 40D, the Nikon D40X or the Nikon D80. Any one of these would be a good pick. They are by far the most popular higher end amateur SLR cameras on the market. The 40D was just released and looks very nice.

Dave's pick
Olympus E-3. Will likely be announced on October 17th. When they moved to digital Olympus went out on a limb and defined a whole new lens/sensor/body combination called "Four Thirds". Some other manufactures have gotten on board too. Dave likes it because the system was specifically designed for digital (Canon and Nikon basically retained their film based systems which introduced some inefficiencies for the smaller sensor sizes that dominate this range) and its smaller and lighter (we do a lot of walking).

Anyway amongst camera fans this is a highly emotional subject with some coming down on Dave's side and saying the four thirds system is revolutionary and most coming down on Cassandra's side and saying it doesn't touch the Canon/Nikon standards. And we could probably go downtown and buy any of Cassandra's choices tomorrow. I could bore you by going on and on about the difference, but I won't.

So we'll wait until October 17th and then decide. The truth of the matter is any of the choices will be excellent for us and we we'll be totally out of our depth with such fancy equipment anyway. Its going to be fun though.