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Where we live in Nasushiobara

We thought some people might be a bit curious about where we live and what its like.

When most people think Japan, they probably think Tokyo. Tokyo is very densely populated and very busy. We don't live there. We live in Nasushiobara. Its in Tochigi prefecture a bit over an hour north of Tokyo. Its quite rural.

Rugby - Toshiba vs. Sanyo

Last year Toshiba won the Japan corporate rugby competition. I signed Cassanda and myself up for the Toshiba sports supporters club so we could go and watch them play this time around.

We have been quite busy with onsens and exploring so until last weekend we still hadn't been to see a match. But since one was being played in nearby Utsunomiya we though we had better go and watch. Entry was free with our sports supporter membership cards. We got Toshiba shirts to wear and some flags.


Onsens are Japanese mineral hot springs. They are very popular here.

Until now we haven't been to so many. Cassandra was uncomfortable because you will be completely naked in the bath. But on a trip to Hinoemata in spring Cassandra was forced to partake and discovered she loved it. We have been eagerly awaiting cooler weather so we can start going.

Arrival in Japan

This page is mostly of interest to family who want to see where we live now.

We arrived in Japan on September 24th. We struggled from Narita airport to the Nasu area with a lot of luggage.

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