This was a business trip right before a long weekend. Cassandra came along. The business trip was horrible. The customer decided to return our equipment after using it to bridge a gap in coverage at their site. I stuck around for a while to try to save the deal, but it was pretty obvious the customer had no intention of keeping the equipment. The sales contract was full of holes and was obviously made at a time when sales numbers today mattered more than anything.


At the start of 1994 we moved from Taipei to Singapore. We lived there for almost 6 years.

The whole thing was related to a rather complicated company situation. A venture capital company bought and merged two companies that made devices that attached to ultrasound systems: Freeland Systems and TomTec. My employer, as a Freeland distributor, was part of the deal. The office was relocated to Japan and I moved to Singapore to open an office to support South East Asia. I became an employee of TomTec Inc.

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