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Closing Blogger Blog

We've closed down the blogger blog held at

Now all our personal posts will be posted here. For now will still be kept at Blogger.

All the old articles from are now held here. We still need to work a bit to make them accessible.

Cassandra and David

Blog Action Day

October 15, 2007 is Blog Action Day. You can read about it on the Blog Action Day site. (edit: looks like their link is broken now, here is the main site)

I will definitely be participating because this years subject, The Environment, is very important to me. I'm going to do the following:

1.) Starting on the 15th I'll post only environmentally responsible activities for a month.

A plan to change our website to a blog

Its a sad thing that I never continued with this look at blogging from all that time ago when I started this blog. This is an experiment, but if it works and I can make it look good, then I want to change our website to a blog.

The hand coded site that is our website now is just too hard for me to maintain. And as a result I rarely update it. Seems like blogging encourages people to update more often and thats the idea. In addition, people will be able to add comments. Also I just want to learn more about how the internet works.

First Post

My first post to a blog to see what it looks like.

(transferred from my blog)

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