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Installing Kubuntu

This page is intended mostly for me if I ever have to reinstall Kubuntu. But you never know, somebody else might find it handy too.

Every time I install Linux it gets better. And now with Kubuntu 7.10 its really at the point I can do everything I want with it apart from play games.

Linux installs almost effortlessly on my PC.

Partitioning for Linux always confuses me a bit. I have no idea if these are good settings. But they are what I did.

  • Windows is on the first partition.
  • I made a 20 GB partition to be mounted as / (root)

Grub to start DSL-N on Tiny

During boot hit during grub to access grub menu. Hit to go to command line.

You can review the boot info by mounting hda1 in Ubuntu and reading /boot/grub/menu.lst

Under ubuntu command:
root (1,0)
kernel /boot/linux
initrd /boot/minirt.gz

And you're off and running.

New Tiny Computer

This is the story of making the new Tiny computer and how it ended up quiet, small and perfect for our needs.

Some years back I made a computer that we called "Tiny". Tiny was to store every document we wanted to keep. Nothing was to be stored on our PCs. That way when we have problems with one of our PCs we can simply reinstall the operating system and any required applications and nothing will be lost.

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