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Friends are important. Ours are spread out all over the place and we don't do enough to stay in touch with them. In 2007 we were better, in 2008 we must be better still.

AMC Reunion

Something amazing just happened!

I got an email from my old flatmate in college about an Australian Maritime College reunion. "Dude" and I were good friends in college and I haven't spoken to him since (or nearly anybody else from that time). About 10 of them are getting together for a tour of the college and then drinks and a dinner.

I'm quite upset I can't go. But maybe I'm even more excited to hear that lots of them are still in contact and doing things together. It will be a lot of fun to meet up with them again when we go back.

New Orleans

New Orleans

Our friend Michele, pictured below eating a beignet with Cassandra, asked us to come to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. It seems like most Americans either love or hate the place. We think its great. We love the different style of the place. Like being in another country. This would have to have been our event of the year.

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