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Family is important. So why are family pages in my blog so sparse? Because I have taken them for granted, not called them enough and not done enough with them. I want to change that in 2008.


Over 30 years ago Bali was my first Asian trip. Some of my earliest exotic travel memories are from there. 20 years ago I went again for a much more off the beaten track trip around Bali. Another great trip. So I was pretty excited to be going back again. It was a short trip to the main tourist area in Bali. We found it much more developed, a little busy, but still possessing all the charm that I loved on those previous trips.

Rolph Family Convict Heritage

Here is a resource that might be fun to some people. At the site you can now look up all the people send to Australia as convicts.

There were 7 people named Rolph sent. I think I'll talk to Dad about his research, get a copy and then sign up for the free trial membership required to dig a bit deeper. I was never that interested in ancestry, but proving convict heritage, thats a different thing!


We went to Ecuador to meet up with Dave's parents who were finishing up another long time trip. Ecuador has 3 pretty distinct area: The Coastal Area that we did not visit, The Mountainous area characterized by lots of volcanos where we spent most of our time and the rainforrest area which contains forrest and tributaries to the Amazon river.

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