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2007 in Review

All in all 2007 was a very good year! I like change and I'm always more active in a new environment. Japan was a very new environment for us. Here are some good things I did in 2007.

Actively explored Japan
Really explored Tochigi very well. Got into hot springs (onsens). Got into inns (ryokan).

Started Blogging
Its probably the wrong way around, but blogging motivates me to do things.

Caught up with old friends

August News

For the whole of August its just been incredibly hot and humid here. Ever since the rainy season finished (about the end of July I think) its been hard to go out and doing any real walking is out of the question. Also we resist turning on the airconditioning pretty vigorously since it only only creates a viscous circle further contributing to global warming. I think next month it will start to cool down and we'll get active again. Certainly, last year in late September when we arrived it was already comfortable.

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