Arches National Park

On the way to Arches!

On our trip we were always on the lookout for internet access. It turns out lots of places have it now. First off we had downloaded some lists from Free Hotspot site, but we didn't really use it much. We drank a lot of coffee at internet coffee shops and always stayed at hotels that had free wifi. This was our favourite internet connection site. It was a tiny little coffee shop/bookshop/wifi spot. We had to pay, but it was well worth it. To our surprise Skype worked well enough for our telephone needs, even at out of the way places like this.

More red rocks!

This is Fruita. I think its part of Capitol Reef National Park (but we didn't have to pay to enter). We camped the night here.

At Fruita there are a lot of old orchards. You can go into them and pick the fruit there. You can eat as much as you like for free. You have to pay to carry any away. We just missed the cherry season, but apples and peaches were in full swing and really good.

We got to Arches and drove along a long road to get to the campsites having paid at the entrance. Thats a really beautiful drive with lots of walks branching off it. Frankly, I was a bit deserted out at this stage and when we got to the campsite it was dry and hot. We ate our sandwiches with lots of windblown sand and decided to stay in a hotel in Moab.

On the drive back out we stopped at lots of the walks. The rock formations are really spectacular here. But we probably didn't see all that we should have. This was one park that I was thankful American National Parks have so much road access.

That night we stayed in Moab. We had a Chinese Meal (our first restaurant meal since the start of our trip) at a restaurant with an elderly Taiwanese man as the waiter. He had travelled from Taiwan to USA to take this job. I have no idea what kind of visa allows that. I was impressed. In fact there seems to be a whole immigrant worker program based around National Parks. We also met a Taiwanese girl working in the gift shop at Bryce who was there to work for 6 months.