Grand Canyon

This year the American Society of Echo meeting was moved from Toronto to Las Vegas because of ARS fears during the organizing period. This was bad news for us because were looking forward to seeing Toronto. But in the end it worked out very well bacause our friend Peter called and said he could tack a few days onto the end of the trip a perhaps we could go and see the grand canyon. It turned out to be

I was a bit worried that we might be disappoined in the Grand Canyon. We had long wanted to go and we were afraid that we might have built is up a bit too much in our minds. After all its just a hole in the ground. But we neednt have worried. Even though we couldn't see all the way to the bottom from the rim where we started we were still blown away by the size of it.

Peter and Cassandra on the way down.

Still on the way down.

Still going down. There was one more very large decent and then a walk along a valley to get to the river. The deeper we went the hotter it got. Finally there was the river at the bottom.

There is a good reason why I didnt take any photos on the way up. It quickly became obvious that I was going to have a hard time getting back up. Certainly, its a long way up, but mostly because of the heat. We had lots of food and water with us, but I was unfit and struggled badly in the long exposed uphill stretches. There were lots of warning signs proclaiming the danger of going down and up in a day and lots of people had read them and looked on me as the poor moron that the signs were meant to warn. Quite a few times I collapsed into the next shady rest spot on the way up and I can quite understand how people could be too exhausted and not make it.

Anyway, in the end we did make it. It was very satisfying and I have no regrets about half killing myself to do it. A great trip.