Grand Tetons

On the way to Grand Tetons.

This picture was taken in Helper near the norther border of Utah. We took it because it was the 1000 mile point of our National Park tour.

Helper is a small town. It has a moderately thriving area featuring a bunch of businesses along the side of the highway. But like so many US towns its downtown area is dying. Its really sad. Downtown has so many lovely old buildings. They are mostly closed. I spent a lot of time on this trip trying to understand how a thriving downtown area is created.

Just before leaving Utah we spent the night in Garden City. We were rather interested in this lakeside town before arriving. But I don't recommend staying there. No lake access that we could see, every shop a tourist trap, every sign a keep out sign. Even the famous rasberry shake was disappointing.

Here we are entering Idaho. We didn't spend much time in Idaho really. Just a brief entry here and then a quick dash across its northern area later in the trip. Idaho has a funny number plate slogan that says "famous potatoes". We couldn't find any potatoes to try while we were passing through so we had some fast food french fries.

And a short time later we entered Wyoming. This was a very nice place. We had been there briefly when we living in Colorado, but now we got a much better look.

Grand Tetons wasn't really on our list of places to visit on this trip. We came this way to get to Yellowstone. But Grand Tetons is a really great National Park. It has huge mountains, lots of lakes and rivers and beautiful plants and animals. Plus its right next door to Jackson Hole so we were able to stock up as needed.

As mentioned earlier, we were a bit deserted out at this point. So this park really hit the spot. Lots of times when we were sitting by a lake or resting in the woods I wanted to get out a book and spend the day there just enjoying the surroundings.

This is the part of the trip where we started to ramp up our walking distance a little bit. We didn't do any overnight walks, but we did do some very nice 16 km (10 mile) walks.

This is Lake Solitude. Its a cirque lake. Thats my favourite kind of lake and this one was especially beautiful. Dave went for a swim.

We saw a moose by the track. It was sitting in this creek all day.

There were a lot of Elk in this park. On our last night in the park in the northern campground they were everywhere. And they were very noisy making all kinds of braying sounds into the night.

Grand Tetons is definitely worth visiting. Its a really great park. Its much less developed and commercialized than many of the other famous parks. But it has Jackson Hole right next door.

The wine shop in Jackson was looking for somebody to work there. Basic computer and wine knowledge required. That was rather tempting. Grand Tetons all summer and skiing all winter!