In Mexico. We went to Peurto Vallarta for a week with Dave's parents. This photo was talken on the balcony of the fantastic time share where we stayed. The photo doesnt show it, but the sea view was spectacular and there was a great barbeque for evening feasts. There was also a jaccuzzi. (and beer!)

Down town Peurto Vallarta. This place was a very heavily Americanized playground. There were Hooters, McDonalds and an Outback steakhouse there. But it was pretty easy to get away from all that too. We had some pretty good days out in the country and also exploring the quieter areas of town. The food was very good too.

An early morning walk to a retreat in the mountains. When we got there were to stingy to pay the money to go inside. The place is made famous because quite a few movies were filmed there. For the Arnold fans amongst you, please observe the burnt out helicopter, from the filming of Predator, in the background.

After we went snorkling we sat by the beach in a bar and had a big meal of fish and lobster. While we were there people came around and sold freshly caught fish to the restaurants.

On the beach! This one can only be reached by boat. We were disappointed to find the beach lined with pub/restaurants when we got there. But anyway, it was quite nice a bit further round the coast at this beach. Mexico was a pretty good place to visit, but I think it would be better with a lot more time and then to really travel a bit. Peurto Vallarta was a perfect place to relax for a week, but it felt a bit like we hadn't left America.