New Orleans

New Orleans

Our friend Michele, pictured below eating a beignet with Cassandra, asked us to come to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. It seems like most Americans either love or hate the place. We think its great. We love the different style of the place. Like being in another country. This would have to have been our event of the year.

It turns out Jazz Fest was a blast. Quite uncommercialized, good music, good food. There were also about 10 (at least I guess) stages with a wide variety of jazz and popular music. Our favorite was the Zydeco music of Geno Delafose. We managed to corner poor Geno after his performance and made him pose for enless pictures with 3 drunken revellers. Michele even made him sing for us a bit

Dancing to Geno

There must have been 100 stalls selling a huge variety of food. We were eating constantly at Jazz fest (well in New Orleans really). We ate piquante alligator, poboys, jamaican chicken, boudin(?) balls, New Orleans sausage, crackling, crawfish bisque and many more that I am sure I have forgotten (plus some great eating outside jazzfest too).

Cassandra and our friend Jeff with their alligator.

Finishing up at Jazz Fest

Our friend Don long promised that if we came to New Orleans he would take us fishing on his boat. It turns out Don is rather an accomplished fisherman and we had a really good time. Especially Cassandra who had never caught a fish before and got extremely excited when she got here first one. She went on to catch twice as many fish as everybody else combined.

Taking us to the fish.

Cassandra catches her first fish!

After we were done fishing we were completely done. On the way back we stopped off to buy some crabs and Don and his wife Sherryl put paper down on their table and just poured the crabs out on the table. They were fantastic, even better than Singapore crabs.

Jeff invited us around for a crawfish boil. On the way there Michele took us to Daiquris. This is a remarkable place. Its a kind of drive through bar. I don't think these exist in too many places. You are not supposed to drink the drinks in the car and the Daiquiris does take some steps to make sure you dont do that (I may be wrong, but I think they wont insert the straw into the drink for you).

A crawfish boil is a very New Orleans thing. If you get the chance to go to one, I strongly recommend you do. You start by buying insane amounts of crawfish (kind of like a yabby) and then boil them up in a cajun spice with some other things like potato, corn, sausage. Jeff changed the additional ingredients with each pot that he made.

Jeff poured pot after pot full of crawfish out on a huge newspaper covered table and we all dug in. There was also a sack of oysters that we shucked and either floured and fried or ate raw. Also fantastic.