Santa Barbara

We drove up to Santa Barbara for a long weekend not quite knowing what to expect. Santa Barbara turned out to be the California that I was expecting to find in Orange Country. Laid back and easy going.

We set off without any idea what we were going to do and had a very nice trip. Santa Barbara had lots of nice restaurants, a pretty decent mission and a beatiful courthouse.

We stumbed across a really good chalk drawing competition while we were looking around. We were there when everybody was drawing their entries in a carpark. We sat there for a long time watching them draw. We failed to capture the beauty of it in our pictures.

We drove up into the hills to stay in the park, but failed to notice the stopoff point to get the park pass, so couldn't sleep in the park as planned and had to wait till we got out the other side to stop and sleep in the back of the car.

Then we got a flat tire and on a long weekend Sunday had to try to get it repaired. We stopped at a little gas station in the middle of nowhere, where the single attendant moved heaven and earth to fix our
tire for us. And we got to look around a little town that we would never have stopped at. It was a fortunate accident in the end.

Finally we drove back through the wine country that was very nice, though we didnt stop for a tasting.