This year we went back to Taiwan for Chinese New Year. Well actually we went back the week after because we didn't want to be there when everything was shut down. Here is Taipei city from the deck of our friends David and Jean's apartment.

Fruit juice from a street side vendor while we are waiting for the movie to start. Assorted nieces and nephews in pic.

Our welcome home meal at 3rd sisters house. Look at all the food. (by the way 3rd sister is the proper title for my 3rd sister in Taiwan)

With Shing-Ping and Pin-Dun at Yan Ming Mountain. Its famous for the cherry blossums at this time of year.

More Yan Ming Mountain.

Cherry Blossum money shot.

The main thing we were looking forward to about this trip was the eating. Here, my third brother in law and I are choosing what to eat at one of the Yan Ming Mountain restaurants.

Our friends David and Jean Lee. We usually eat and drink too much when we are together with them. But its always good food and drink.

Eating and drinking too much. David was eager to try out his collection of single malt scotches on me. Drank the best Scotch I have ever had.

The mountain behind Dave's old appartment. There are lots of temples up there and some spectacular mountains and views of Taipei. Its a good place to go to escape the city.

Dave and Cassandra cook Italian food for the family. The idea was to investigate whether we should open a restaurant in Taipei. The food was a smash hit, but the restaurant may not get off the ground.

Our niece Yating and her boyfriend Kwang.