Yellowstone National Park

The main feature of Yellowstone is the geothermal activity. Though the park does have a tremendous amount to offer all round.

By far the most popular part of the park is the Old Faithful geyser. There is a board up in the visitors center saying roughly when it will erupt. This geyser is neither the most regular of the largest geyser in Yellowstone. Its so popular because it erupts frequently.

Yellowstone is also the most popular park in parks system (I think). There are crowds of people there, more roads than most other parks and more facilities to keep the visitors happy.

I don't know that we did such a good job of photographing the geothermal activity. But it was everywhere and had a great variety of things to see. Our favourite part was probably West Thumb and we didn't even take our camera for that part. West Thumb is section of Yellowstone lake that has a lot of geothermal activity right up to the edge and even into the lake itself.

Yellowstone has been pretty badly devastated by fire quite recently. That coupled with some pretty bad advice from the rangers on where to go on our walks (this walk was only worthwhile if you wanted to see the real magnitude of the devastation that can be caused by fire.

For the first part of the trip we were getting quite pissed off with Yellowstone. Our impression was incredibly touristy, over-rated Old Faithful and very crispy. But starting with seeing West Thumb and then with our move to the Eastern part of the park it picked up a lot and was very good.

On the East side of the park now. More than any other park we went to, you can see Yellowstone from your car. But even then you need a lot of time. There is lots to see.

There were thousands of Bison in the park, along the sides of the road. They were really a sight to behold. We saw big herds of them all the way along the East side of the park.

Boiling mud pits.

The Yellowstone River is really beautiful. Some great falls, lots hot springs emptying into them and lots of easy access along the road to see it.

I would like to personally thank Unilever for sponsoring this sign and boardwalk thus saving my tax dollars.